CASA of lafourche volunteers advocate for abused and neglected children from a home in lafourche parish.

When a child is Abused (Physically, Sexually or Emotionally) OR Neglected (Not provided with adequate food, clothing, hygiene, or supervision) by a parent or guardian, they are removed from the home for their safety. The child(ren) are placed in the foster care system and are housed with a family member, a foster home or group home. A court case is opened in our local court and the Parent or Guardian is usually given an opportunity by the Judge to regain custody of their child by following the Court’s Orders. Meanwhile, the child may experience many challenges—changing homes multiple times, changing schools, loss of family connections, physical or emotional health issues, etc. 

This is where CASA comes in. A CASA volunteer is assigned to a child to: visit with them, investigate the progress of the case, make sure their needs are being met and tell the Judge what is in that child’s best interests. The CASA remains active in that child’s life until they achieve a permanent home.